Calling on Nonprofits to Sign On to Protect Donor Privacy

This spring, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two cases addressing mandatory disclosure of donor information to state officials. Three states (CA, NJ, NY) have mandated filing Schedule B of your IRS Form 990 as a solicitation registration requirement. More states can be expected to follow suit. Schedule B requires listing sensitive information including name, address and gift amounts for all donors contributing $5,000 or more during the reporting period. Even if your donor wants to remain anonymous, their name and address must be disclosed.

I encourage nonprofit organizations to sign on to an amicus brief organized by the Nonprofit Alliance supporting donor privacy and opposing mandatory disclosure. The nonprofit organization does not need to be registered in the states mention above. The more organizations that sign this brief, the stronger the message from the nonprofit community. The brief is being finalized and should be available later this week. The last day to sign on to the brief is February 25.

Last week, the lawyers drafting the brief held a Town Hall Meeting and the hour long video is here.  For an overview of the brief and how to add your organization as a co-signer, visit the NonProfit Alliance’s website page.

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